Mobile App Development

Participant Team Size: 2-3 Members
Judging System: Manual Judgement by a group of experts
Technologies Allowed: Android (Java), iOS (Objective C, Swift), React Native.


  • All participants must bring their Laptops, Chargers, Android and IOS phone and USB cable for debugging. NO PARTICIPATION WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MEMBERS WITHOUT LAPTOPS)
  • Android Studio or Eclipse or WebStorm or Atom or Notepad, SDK, JDK and all other prerequisites should be preinstalled on the laptops. No additional time will be granted for configurations.
  • Competition will begin at the announced time.
  • Participants are advised to come earlier to set up their laptops.
  • Evaluation criteria will include completion of objective, functionalities, code quality, UI design, compatibility and speed.
  • No time or resources will be granted in case of hardware/software crashes.
  • Participants should have a backup plan.
  • Internet is allowed for searching purposes only.
  • Decision by the judges will be final.

Submission Guidelines

  • The project will be submitted as a zip file .
  • You will be provided the format of project name. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN PROJECT NAME.
  • Submit your code files through zip folder. (Instructions will be given at the time of submission)