Code in the Dark

Participant Team Size: 1-2 Member
Judging System: Manual Judgement by a group of experts.
IDEs: Visual Studio Code
Allowed Languages: HTML,CSS


  • There will be only one round.
  • Team name will be mentioned on the PCs, sit according to it.
  • Cell Phones should be switched off.
  • Printed Screenshot of the website will be given as Question paper.
  • See Question paper when announced to start..
  • Participants can not see the compiled output of the code.
  • Any one found watching the compiled output or opening browser will be disqualified.
  • All the resources like images and font colour will be given, Better not waste time On changing the image sizes as they are in the required sizes.
  • Save the final code in the same file.
  • Team with output closest to screenshot given will be declared as winner.