Speed Debugging

Participant Team Size: 1-3 Members.
Judging System: Manual Judging by a group of experts.
Question Set: C/C++ programs with various levels of bugs and glitches.
Tools Available: GNU C/C++ compiler, OllyDbg, Difference Checker (www.diffchecker.com)

Participation Rules

  • Do not open question booklet until asked.
  • If you leave the lab, you cannot return.
  • Participants are not allowed to collaborate with anyone else other than his/her team members.
  • There will be one practical round. Your total score will be calculated based on your performance on all the questions solved correctly.
  • Blank sheets and necessary stationary will be provided to all the participants.


  • The debugger is provided for a reason learn to use it. It will serve as your most useful tool provided you use it adequately. You may be able to solve problems without the debugger but this will result in increased times.
  • The difference checker is allowed to keep track of changes done to the original code. This will also be used at the time of judgement.
  • You should also comment out the lines you have edited to keep track of your changes.
  • All submissions must compile and run on ALL test cases there is no partial marking there.
  • None of the mistakes are obvious most will only manifest when the program will be run.
  • All of the test cases and outputs will be provided as a part of the program for your ease.
  • Multiple things can/will be wrong with a single question make sure you find each of them.
  • All of the programs will output that they have completed successfully. Faulty programs may get stuck on or exhibit abnormal behaviour but they will never output the notification for correctness.
  • Don't use if/else and try/catches rather try to look for what's wrong rather than handling your code when something goes wrong.
  • Remember this is a competition in C/C++ and the tools provided give access to lowest level detail. Pay special attention to what the memory looks like and how its being operated on.
  • You will all be given a example program to debug and get familiar with the environment before the competition begins
  • Winning is important, having fun even more so, so have fun! :)