Demo your Project

Participation Guidelines

  • Each team consists of 2-4 members.
  • To participate in this competition, participants must be enrolled in an undergraduate / post-graduate degree Program or have completed his/her Under-Graduate / Postgraduate studies.
  • Software must be complete and in well working phase.
  • Participants whose projects will be accepted for the display will be informed prior to contest.
  • Any issue must be resolved beforehand to keep a steady flow of the event. If there is some issue when the judging start to take place, it may get the team some deduction in points.
  • Any requirements (hardware, network, space,…) must be stipulated during registration. Requests for additional materials at the time of the competition may not be entertained
  • This competition is meant to accommodate only Computer Science related projects.
  • Please take care of your personal belongings. Organizing team will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your assets.
  • You must be mindful of your language throughout the exhibition.
  • You must respect the venue and equipment provided by FAST.
  • You must only use authorized materials that you have right to use and must not submit any projects which are defamatory, overtly political or contain material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss.

Competition Guidelines

  • The project should involve the phases (Analysis, and Design)
  • You are allowed to bring any relevant material along with your project in the Competition.
  • For presentations, bring your own laptops. Presentation should be in MS PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Bring your presentation in a USB too.
  • All entries must be on display for the whole day of the event.
  • All projects would be on display for general public and at least one member of a team is required to be there at ALL TIMES during the exhibition to explain their project.
  • A panel of judges will evaluate each project during the period of the competition.
  • Whole team is required to be there at the time of evaluation. Failure in appearing before the judge at the time of evaluation will automatically disqualify the project from the competition.
  • Any reuse of data should be mentioned beforehand with proper citation. If there is any plagiarism found it may result in a disqualification from the competition.
  • All entries will be judged by the FAST Competition Judging Panel against the following criteria: o Originality o The relevance to the team nominated category definition o Consistency with contest purposes including social value o Quality and design (including standards compliance) o Usability (including documentation and ease of use)