UI/UX Design

Participant Team Size: 1-2 Members
Judging System: Manual Judgement by a group of experts


  • Each team will be assigned a single workstation (PC).
  • Do not open question booklet until asked.
  • If you leave the lab, you cannot return.
  • Single round competition, top team will be declared winner.
  • Participants are not allowed to collaborate with anyone else other than his/her team members.
  • Use of cellphones, USB, calculators or any other electronic device is strictly prohibited. If anybody is found using one, their whole team will be disqualified.
  • Internet will be allowed, participants are not allowed to bring their own internet devices or any flash drives.
  • Books, manuals or any sort of guide material is not allowed.
  • Judgment will be final and cannot be revoked.
  • UI/UX team reserves all the rights to disqualify any team for violating any of the rules.
  • Teams will be provided two software for Design:
    o Adobe Photoshop
    o Adobe Illustrator
  • No other software will be entertained except the two mentioned above.
  • Participants must submit all the PSD/AI files along with the image file (PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.).
  • Judgment will be based on the application flow and creativity.
  • Your design should comply with the following standards to score maximum points:
    o How well in connects your idea with the provided theme.
    o It should be made from scratch and have minimum amount of stock used.
    o It should be innovative, attractive and self-explanatory