Web Development

Participant Team Size: 2-3 Members.
Judging System: Manual Judgement by a group of experts.
Allowed Languages/Frameworks: PHP, ASP.NET, Laravel.
Tools Available: Sublime Text, Visual Studio (2013/2015), Notepad++.

Participation Guidelines

  • Do not open question booklet until asked.
  • If you leave the lab, you cannot return.
  • Participants are not allowed to collaborate with anyone else other than his/her team members.
  • Single round competition, top team will be declared winner.
  • Use of Cellphone, USB, external HDD or any other electronic device is strictly prohibited, if anybody is found using one, their whole team will be disqualified.
  • Anybody found using any unfair means will be immediately disqualified
  • Participants cannot bring any notebook or writing pad to the contest room.
  • Any misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Requirements mentioned in the task must be fulfilled.
  • Website must be responsive, creative and easy to navigate.
  • Use of internet is only allowed to download JavaScript Libraries/Bootstrap or link them via CDN and assets such as fonts, images, etc.
  • Use of ready-made templates, CSS frameworks (other than bootstrap), Dreamweaver, WordPress and any other CMS is not allowed.
  • Use of social networks, and cloud storages is strictly prohibited.
  • Team would be given a general problem with some requirements and they would need to implement their ideas to solve that particular problem and fulfill the requirements using Web Application Technique and Strategies.
  • Teams will compress whole codebase in a single .zip file for submission.

Judging Criteria

  • Teams will be judged manually by experts on following basis:
    - 70% development (i.e. how well requirements are fulfilled and features are implemented)
    - 30% design (i.e. responsiveness, visitor experience and overall design)